I have been using the cameras from DRIFT for some time. The DRIFT Ghost-S and Stealth 2 are my current go to cameras and have been with me for many journeys and adventures, including the NC500 Adventure and more recently the Isle of Man TT (The Island / A MAPPED TT Special). They are both fantastic cameras; reliable, sturdy and effective.

I started vlogging using entry level cameras – in fact, MAPPED/FA was started using a HedCamz bullet camera (which I still have!). I then progressed to the SJ cameras – I always referred to them as ‘NoPro’s’. However, late 2016 I decided to take the plunge and invest in a premium action camera. When I did there was only one choice, the DRIFT Ghost-S. I felt that it was the best camera on the market for motorcycle vlogging – and a part of me still does.



However, its now mid 2018 and the clever guys at DRIFT have launched two new cameras that have peaked the interest of vloggers across the globe, I am of course referring to the mighty DRIFT Ghost-4K and the new DRIFT Ghost-X.

Thanks to the guys at DRIFT offering us a discount, two thirds of team MAPPED/FA now use the Ghost-4K. This again was used for the first time during our time at the Isle of Man. Pete, Cal and Toby will be doing a review on this camera very soon. As I have both the ‘S’ and the Stealth I decided to hold back (as difficult as that was) and not pick up the new 4K marvel. However, DRIFT have since come back to me and given us the opportunity to review the Ghost-X – and this is something that I am very excited about…

If the Ghost-X performs as good as it promises I believe that this will be the new go to vlogging camera!

The looks – it looks identical to the flagship 4K model, it has a modular design with that market leading rotating lens!

The stats – it kicks out a massive 5 hours of battery life (with the standard battery) and will film up to 1080p at 30fps. In addition to this, it has an external USB microphone jack!

The cost – are you sitting down? £129.99!! Yep, that’s right!

I believe that this will be a massively important camera for DRIFT and I cant wait to get my hands on it!



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