As I write this there are 50 days (and counting) to go until I get to ride again…however, this is not the really good news – and the reason for this post!

I am pleased to announce that after 315 days I received the long awaited green light from the medical boffins to get the ball in motion to get my licence back! To say that I am excited is a massive understatement. You don’t know how much you love something until it is taken away from you.

I am now in the final straight, the finishing line (or perhaps the starting line) is in sight. In just two months Team MAPPED will be back will be back at full strength!

We have some great plans for new year! We will be bringing new tours and projects a plenty in 2019!…I can not wait to share our adventures with you! (I will announce more details closer to the time!)

I would like to take a moment to thank the followers of MAPPED, my family, my partner, friends and (of course) Pete, Cal and Toby for all their support over the past year. I have been more than a bit ‘difficult’ at times, but they have stuck with me and provide no end of patience, assistance and understanding. Thank you. I couldn’t of got through this without you.



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One thought on “GOOD NEWS!

  1. Simon 2 years ago

    Well done Ballen true willpower #notlongnow