First things first, I would like to take the opportunity (again) to pass a MASSIVE thank you to all the team at HOOD Jeans. Hood Jeans are a family company based in Norfolk, England. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and what better way to mark the occasion than to release a new jean to the market – the K7 Infinity.

HOOD Jeans provided two pairs of the new K7 Infinity jean, one in black and the other in midnight blue, for us to test and review. Toby was using the black jeans where as I went for the midnight blue. The first opportunity we had to use the jeans was at this years Isle of Man TT, so here are our thoughts!



Straight out the box, initial impressions are very positive. The HOOD K7 Infinity jean instils quality the moment you get them out of the packet. It is the attention to detail is what will get you; the stitching, the infinity logo on the back pocket, the HOOD embossed button (complete with Union Jack) and the complementary D3O knee and hip armour. In addition, they are great fit and have no outside stitching (which so many moto-jeans have) making them look like a regular pair of straight cut jeans.

I always found sizing in moto-jeans to be a bit of a nightmare, but I am pleased to report that it is not the case here. I ordered 34/32 – this is my typical size in fashion jeans. I was being optimistic, but I was pleasantly surprised. The jeans fit just as they should; considering they are boot cut jeans and will feel slightly baggy compared to trendy slim or skinny jeans.



Now, the technical stuff. The new for 2018 HOOD K7 Infinity jeans are the first in the UK to adhere to the new PPE Regulation 2016/425 prEN 17092-3 (This relates to the new AA rated protective standard for motorcycle clothing). To put this in context, AAA garments offer the highest level of protection, common examples of clothing with this rating include one-piece or two-piece race suits. Where as AA rated garments offer the second highest level of protection, against the risks of the greatest diversity of riding activities. So this rating system, introduced on 21st April 2018 is very much based on the balance and level of protection against risk. For more detailed information check out the HOOD Jeans website.

The jeans also have an extended inner coverage – using the Infinity K-tech protective layer – all the way down the legs of the jeans. This was a pleasant surprise as my experience with previous moto-jeans has only seen this protection around key areas, such as knees and bum. The jeans have strengthened, double stitched, seams to exceed all current test requirements and make you feel that more safe. In addition to this, the K7 also features what HOOD refers to as their “climate control ‘airflow’ mesh” system. HOOD advise that this system contributes to injury reduction. It is designed to reduce friction burns by stopping the denim and para-aramid layers to move around rapidly over short distances across the skin, as the Airflow lining stops these movements occurring against the skin. Very clever stuff.



The armour is fantastic, and is something that makes these jeans stand out from the crowd – if its features haven’t already done that. They come with a full set if D3O T5 EVO X armour for the knees AND hips, in the box, as standard! You also have the option to upgrade the armour to the D30 EVO Pro X set. Plus, they offer free service to alter the leg length to size, impressed? I was! On top of that, HOOD provide free UK and Worldwide delivery.



Right, the important question, how do they feel? – the short answer is good. You feel like you are wearing a pair of – thicker than normal – jeans. This is no mean feet. They truly feel, and look, good on the bike. Which, as a biker, is probably the first thing we actually think about – rather than the safety aspect. However, due to all the features that HOOD have packed into the K7 Infinity, the jeans are heavy. So, what I am trying to portray here is that you will be aware that they are indeed moto-jeans – and not a regular pair of fashion jeans. As a result, they are warm on very hot sunny days – like we experienced on the Isle of Man. However, I would argue that they are cooler than my textile touring pants.



In addition to my slight minor complaint with the weight, the jeans also have stirrups; elasticated hoops at the bottom of each trouser leg to go under the foot, keeping the jean from riding up when on the bike. This is a great idea, as all the moto-jeans I have owned prior to these had the nasty habit of rising above my boots as the ride went on (Stirrups are also a new PPE requirement). However, I found these accessories increasingly more annoying. Like the majority of bikers, I use full length boots (Alpinestar SMX-6), so I have to wear the jean over the boots rather than in them, meaning that I can’t use the stirrups (using them outside the boot seems wrong to me). I think that they are a great idea on paper, but in reality they cause unnecessary faff when taking both your jeans and boots off! (after all, taking bike kit on and off is enough of a faff as it is!).

Cost of admission? £152.99. Yep, that’s right!…I my humble opinion, taking into consideration all the of the features that these jeans have; free alterations, free UK shipping and a full set of 3DO armour plus knowing that you are wearing a 100% British product, all for a shade over £150, Bargain!

All in all, I couldn’t be more happy with the HOOD K7 Infinity jean, they scream confidence in the safety and quality department and in addition to that they look and feel like a regular pair of jeans – and I think that this is the highest praise I can give to any pair of new moto-jeans!

The K7 Infinity Jean is available for men and woman and comes in Midnight Blue, Black and Stonewash Blue. Check out all of HOOD Jeans products at




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