I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth

Steve McQueen

Welcome to the new home of MAPPED/FA

MAPPED/FA is all about finding adventure through motorcycles!

Starting as a YouTube Channel back in 2010, MAPPED/FA set out to document fun and adventure for the average biker. We believe that every ride is an adventure, be it a ride through town or a week long tour across Europe!

The MAPPED/FA team all have a deep love for all motorcycles – this is part of the reason of what brought us together! – and this site is dedicated to sharing stories and having fun!


“I think my earliest memory of motorbikes is watching shows like Biker Mice from Mars and Mask when I was young. Those old cartoons were the first glimpses and as I grew up my curiosity grew too. Following MotoGP from a young age two wheels has always excited me more than four.

My first bike was a 125cc Honda City Fly and I rode the nuts off that thing. Great first bike but I was quickly ready for something faster and to pass my big bike test. Which is where I met Blake and became the first additional member of Team MAPPED/FA.

Me and Blake met doing our direct access motorbike test and I subsequently introduced him to my friends and have all been best mates since.

Can I choose an ultimate bike…? The Yamaha R1M (although the 2008 is the best looking), BMW R1150GS, Ducati 916, Triumph Bonneville. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite!


“I’ve been into bikes ever since I clapped my eyes on a Honda Goldwing belonging to my dad’s mate. To my childlike eyes it was like a two wheeled spaceship! My dad also used to ride an ex-army BSA sidecar outfit in his younger days but had hung up his riding boots before I was born.

My first bike ride was a Gilera DNA 50 I started riding when I passed my CBT at 16. It was resplendent in Rossi yellow and unlike most of my friends’ mopeds, I sat astride it like a proper bike. It wasn’t exactly a muscle bike but it looked the part and it was plenty fast enough for my needs. Unfortunately me and the Gilera had to go our separate ways when I went to university.

Over the next 10 years life had gotten in the way of my biking. However my growing interest in MotoGP and BSB in the meantime led to Blake, Cal and I going to a few BSB races at Oulton Park and this reignited my love for motorcycles. I re-took my CBT in 2011 and bought a Yamaha XT 125 Scrambler. I used my time on the XT to get comfortable with riding a manual bike  and eventually took my full bike licence in 2012.

My first big bike was a Honda Transalp XL700V and it served as a full time commuter and occasional tourer. The Transalp served me well for the next 3 years and was my bike for the MAPPED Black Mountain trip, however it was more of a workhorse than a head-turner. My next bike was all together more asthetically pleasing machine.
I bought the Honda CB1100EX in 2015. The classic 70’s muscle bike styling attracted attention whenever I went and it was a wonderfully smooth machine for a Sunday ride. However the CB was not very comfortable or practical for touring due to the lack of wind protection. All that chrome also meant that it was mostly confined to the garage for the winter months.

I decided my next bike should be something a bit sportier and more geared toward touring. Having had good experiences with Honda so far, I decided to go for the Honda VFR800X Crossrunner. It’s a truly versatile machine and covers a lot of bases. The upright riding position is extremely comfortable and the VTEC engine and Akropovic exhaust give it a sporty edge. The panniers and top box loadout will also serve me well for the upcoming MAPPED/FA tours and beyond”


“I developed a love for 2 wheels early on, I grew up around bikes, riding on the back of my dad’s Ducati 907 from a young age. He would often take me to the Super Bikes and motocross at weekends.

My first bike was a Derbi Senda 50cc when I was 16. Loved that bike, the sense of freedom and independence, even if it was gutless with suspension like a pogostick. The lack of fuel gauge or warning light meant I was frequently running out of fuel but it was light enough to push to the nearest garage.

By the time my CBT expired teenage life had taken over and I’d found far more important things to spend my money on although I was still an avid fan and watching the racing whenever I could. For one reason or another I didn’t get back on a bike for over a decade.

I finally got it together and got a proper licence in 2013, all the boys had been riding for a few years and I realised what I was missing. My first proper bike was my beautiful Triumph Tiger 955i, I have a lot of love for that bike, she was my work horse commuter and weekend play thing. A careless driver sadly wrote it off but every cloud has a silver lining. I’m currently riding a Tiger 1050 Sport, a very different bike to the 955 despite the name but still a magical machine that can transport me on my regular commute effortlessly but also provide heaps of fun on longer adventures and back lane blasts at the weekend.

I’ve managed to clock up over 30,000 miles since 2013 and I’m looking forward to adding a lot more with the rest of the Team!”


Well, I guess I’m responsible for starting the whole MAPPED thing!

I’m guilty of being ‘that guy’ who always shoves a camera in your face to record the moment…and for that I owe the team a great debt of thanks!

I have loved motorcycles for as long as I can remember, pretending to be a racer on the arm of my sofa as a child while the GP was on and I remember being blown away by that motorcycle race in the original TRON movie..but my first bike was humble, a Vespa 125 ET4. This was my first means of transportation and I loved it! I went full MOD!

In 2004 a television show came out that changed everything. I watched Long Way Round, as well as Long Way Down, and I knew one day I wanted a ‘proper’ bike.

I got my full licence in 2010 and in 2011 I bought the Honda XL650 Transalp. Things did not work out with the Transalp, but this lead me to picking up my Harley Davidson 883 Iron and MAPPED/FA started! In 2014 I upgraded to the amazing Harley Davidson Fat Bob.
However, in late 2016, I was lucky enough to gain access to a series of BMW motorcycles. This included the BMW R100, K100 and the legendary BMW R1150GS Adventure (thanks Keith). Within seconds on sitting on the GS, and realising I could ride it, I knew what had to be done. In February 2017 I collected my dream bike, the BMW R1200GS Adventure.

From there MAPPED/FA has grown from strength to strength and I can not wait to face the adventures that lie ahead, as a team!”